I was so excited to a be apart of Stephenie and Brandon’s big day and was so thrilled to be shooting at a new venue. YAY! Stephenie mentioned months ago how much she ADORED Black Fox Farms but it was already booked on her wedding date. So, she had plans to book a different venue. Then, she called me out of the blue and asked about the possibility of changing her wedding date so she could be at Black Fox Farms. When she sent me photos of the property, I just knew that this venue fit the Happy Couple so well. It’s stunning! Stephenie and Brandon are country at heart. They had a casual, yet elegant wedding. I love all of the country accents she added to the wedding, especially the boots and jeans for the groom. I also loved the dark blue bridesmaids dresses and their gorgeous sunflower bouquets! They were so happy, just like Stephenie! Black Fox Farms has a beautiful barn with twinkle lights and 4 chandeliers inside. What I really LOVE about the inside is the feeling of being surround by nature. They have lined the walls with trees and gorgeous plants….Not to mention the beautiful tulle hanging from the ceiling. This farm is also a nursery, so it was so great seeing all of the lovely plants on the property. Stephenie and Brandon- We can’t believe your married!!! We have loved getting to know the two of you this past year and we hope you are enjoying your caribbean cruise! Enjoy our favorites! lisapricephotography001.jpg lisapricephotography002.jpg lisapricephotography003.jpg I am so in love with this bouquet! lisapricephotography005.jpg lisapricephotography006.jpg lisapricephotography007.jpg lisapricephotography008.jpg First look! lisapricephotography009.jpg lisapricephotography010.jpg lisapricephotography011.jpg lisapricephotography012.jpg lisapricephotography013.jpg lisapricephotography014.jpg lisapricephotography015.jpg lisapricephotography016.jpg lisapricephotography017.jpg lisapricephotography018.jpg lisapricephotography019.jpg lisapricephotography020.jpg lisapricephotography021.jpg lisapricephotography022.jpg So proud of this shot that Jonathan took! STUNNING! lisapricephotography023.jpg lisapricephotography024.jpg lisapricephotography025.jpg lisapricephotography026.jpg lisapricephotography027.jpg lisapricephotography028.jpg lisapricephotography029.jpg lisapricephotography030.jpg Stephenie is gorgeous! lisapricephotography031.jpg lisapricephotography032.jpg lisapricephotography033.jpg lisapricephotography034.jpg lisapricephotography035.jpg lisapricephotography036.jpg lisapricephotography037.jpg lisapricephotography038.jpg lisapricephotography039.jpg lisapricephotography040.jpg lisapricephotography041.jpg lisapricephotography042.jpg lisapricephotography043.jpg lisapricephotography044.jpg lisapricephotography045.jpg These guys were so much fun! lisapricephotography046.jpg lisapricephotography047.jpg So the girls really wanted to do the pose from the movie, “The Bridesmaids!” It turned out pretty cute! lisapricephotography048.jpg But I think the guys version of the pose is WAY BETTER! Hilarious! lisapricephotography049.jpg lisapricephotography050.jpg lisapricephotography051.jpg lisapricephotography052.jpg lisapricephotography053.jpg lisapricephotography054.jpg lisapricephotography055.jpg lisapricephotography056.jpg lisapricephotography057.jpg lisapricephotography058.jpg lisapricephotography059.jpg lisapricephotography060.jpg lisapricephotography061.jpg lisapricephotography062.jpg lisapricephotography063.jpg He was a little emotional about the wedding! lisapricephotography064.jpg lisapricephotography065.jpg Stephenie was so excited lisapricephotography066.jpg lisapricephotography067.jpg lisapricephotography068.jpg lisapricephotography069.jpg lisapricephotography070.jpg lisapricephotography071.jpg lisapricephotography072.jpg lisapricephotography073.jpg lisapricephotography074.jpg lisapricephotography075.jpg lisapricephotography076.jpg lisapricephotography077.jpg lisapricephotography078.jpg lisapricephotography079.jpg lisapricephotography080.jpg I may have bribed that little cutie with a sucker! lisapricephotography081.jpg lisapricephotography082.jpg lisapricephotography083.jpg lisapricephotography084.jpg lisapricephotography085.jpg lisapricephotography086.jpg lisapricephotography087.jpg lisapricephotography088.jpg lisapricephotography089.jpg lisapricephotography090.jpg lisapricephotography091.jpg lisapricephotography092.jpg lisapricephotography093.jpg lisapricephotography094.jpg lisapricephotography095.jpg lisapricephotography096.jpg lisapricephotography097.jpg lisapricephotography098.jpg lisapricephotography099.jpg lisapricephotography100.jpg lisapricephotography101.jpg lisapricephotography102.jpg lisapricephotography104.jpg lisapricephotography105.jpg lisapricephotography106.jpg lisapricephotography107.jpg lisapricephotography108.jpg lisapricephotography109.jpg lisapricephotography110.jpg lisapricephotography111.jpg lisapricephotography112.jpg lisapricephotography113.jpg lisapricephotography114.jpg lisapricephotography115.jpg lisapricephotography116.jpg lisapricephotography117.jpg lisapricephotography118.jpg lisapricephotography120.jpg lisapricephotography121.jpg lisapricephotography122.jpg I love their Gramma! lisapricephotography123.jpg lisapricephotography124.jpg lisapricephotography125.jpg lisapricephotography126.jpg

Photography: Lisa Price Photography

Venue: Black Fox Farm

Wedding Event & Coordinator: A D.I.Y Affair Weddings And Events

Florist: Broadway Flower Shop

Caterer: Jordans BBQ & Catering

Rentals: Bradley Rentals

Cupcakes: Cupcake Divas

Officiant: Reverand Richter

DJ- Detour DJ

Videography: Caramie Lowe

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