Dara’s Garden Engagement | David and Emily

I can hardly wait for Emily and David’s wedding next year! I photographed David’s brothers wedding a couple of years ago and was so thrilled when he contacted me about his big day coming in the spring! We adore his sweet family and I was so thrilled to meet his bride to be and to celebrate with another Prenshaw! We had such an amazing time at their engagement session at the fabulous Dara’s Garden in Knoxville, TN! David and Emily are so easy to talk to and laugh with! It’s couples like these that make my job so enjoyable!  They both have so much joy and are so in LOVE! Emily is an amazing girl with such a big heart and David is so sweet! I think the best word to describe him is smitten! Hah! Enjoy a few of my favs from this gorgeous session!


darasgardenengagement07.jpgdarasgardenengagement04.jpg darasgardenengagement08.jpg darasgardenengagement10.jpgdarasgardenengagement09.jpg darasgardenengagement11.jpg darasgardenengagement12.jpg darasgardenengagement14.jpg darasgardenengagement15.jpg darasgardenengagement16.jpg darasgardenengagement17.jpg darasgardenengagement19.jpg darasgardenengagement20.jpg
darasgardenengagement21.jpg darasgardenengagement22.jpg darasgardenengagement23.jpg darasgardenengagement24.jpg darasgardenengagement25.jpg darasgardenengagement26.jpg darasgardenengagement27.jpg darasgardenengagement28.jpg darasgardenengagement30.jpg darasgardenengagement31.jpg darasgardenengagement32.jpg darasgardenengagement33.jpg darasgardenengagement34.jpg darasgardenengagement35.jpg darasgardenengagement36.jpg darasgardenengagement37.jpg darasgardenengagement38.jpg darasgardenengagement39.jpg darasgardenengagement40.jpg darasgardenengagement41.jpg darasgardenengagement42.jpg

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