A Valentine’s Day Card Inspiration

Well…. If you are struggling to write the perfect words to that special someone in your life this Valentine’s Day, then today’s blog post is definitely for you! Last weekend, my adorable eight year old niece told me she had written a Valentine’s Day card for me. I thanked her and told her that I couldn’t wait to read it! However, I soon realized the card wasn’t from HER to ME at all. She actually wrote a Valentine’s Day Card for ME to give to my husband Jonathan. She wrote it as if she was me. She was a little worried Jonathan may realize that she wrote the card and not me, but I assured her – he totally wouldn’t!

The sweetness didn’t stop there….Victoria also wrote a Valentines card for Jonathan to give to me. And again, she wrote it as if she was “Jonathan”.
I’m not sure if she was just being a super cute Cupid or was worried that we don’t write nice cards to each other….But either way, I totally loved my card and Jonathan’s card is the BEST EVER! So, be inspired by Victoria and feel free to use her words in your card on Valentine’s day!
Meet our Cupid, Victoria!


And my card!


A dark iPhone photo of us reading our cards! Love that girl!

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